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Sadly American Quilters Society is no longer publishing books. There may be a limited supply of my books available at our Etsy Store Classy Stashy. Click here to go to our store and find all our products and services.

Since we are having problems with PayPal recognizing your order from our web site, we are now using our Classy Stashy Etsy Store to sell all our products. Doing this has solved the orders falling through the cracks. And it is the best way we know how to take care of this right away. We love you for your interest and loyalty. If you are having problems you may reach us at 863-5QUILT5.

Whether sit down or stand up machine quilters, perfect for beginners so you can run all those fabulous threads you've invested in. Plus downloadable chart for keeping track of your threads.

                          LET THE FEATHERING BEGIN !                        

Dozens of step-by-step Free Motion Feather Designs Free Preview
of initial "S" stitched in real time

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Designed for learning right at your machine, tablet or smartphone

Dozens of step-by-step Free Motion Feather Designs -
Beginner Perfect

 Free Preview of initial "S" stitched in real time Join me here now.


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"  You can do this, you already have the ability, you have it within you, it is just my job to help you go to find it within yourself. It is my mission to create original patterns, techniques and designs building the mistakes in for you so you never have to be perfect but your results are.  "

Thanks for sharing a part of your day with us, hope we can help.   XXXOOO sally