Terry Twist Stencil

Terry Twist Stencil Set of 6   31.00

Terry Twist technique and idea DVD
Layout pamphlet
Bonus Terry Twist 30-Pattern Pack CD

2", 3", 4", 6", 9", 12" Stencils

Multiple and Single 6", 9" 12"

  • Quick layout designs.
  • Perfect for Random Assembled Blocks like Turning 20.
  • Over 12 Configurations for endless arrangements.
  • It looks different tho... it is just the same shape.
  • Easy to layout machine quilting patterns with natural corner turns and seam guides.

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Judge's Honorable Mention Jacksonville National Quilt Fest

Terry Twist Free Motion Machine Quilting Pattern Image by Sally Terry Professional Machine Quilting and Classes
Perfect for Random Block Arrangements like Turning 20 and Alter Ego where it is impossible to design any consistent pattern.... YET IT APPEARS PLANNED AND CONSISTENT. It is EASY...it practically layouts the design by itself with little effort and it looks fantastic and planned when you are done.

Sally sez, "When you fall in love with a certain pattern, get every size they make, because you will always want to repeat it, so you will want them all. Customers adore this design and request it often."

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Tip: Use the stencils for layout and design and use templates/ruler for machine quilting.    


Terry Twist Digitized Pattern Image by Sally Terry Professional Machine Quilting and Classes

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