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Get the formula to running threads and adjustments for stand up and sit down machine quilters:
thread running speeds . cone . bobbin basket . bobbin tension . machine tensioner . top fabric tension . backing fabric tension . thread guides . batting . needles . ply . thread composition . how to tell why your thread broke . intermittent loops . interlocking stitch+

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NEW ~ Carousel Fill & Meander Feather DVD     19.99

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"Used it on a large quilt top and found it to be elegant, quick to plan and stitch, and the results were more than I expected-simply beautiful." Dell D, Jacksonville, FL 

  • Get a new fill pattern that travels quickly with luscious detail. 
  • Find out the trick to laying out a dense background fill that stitches fast.
  • Stays AMAZINGLY consistent without a lot of marking. 
  • Learn quickly using your favorite feathers. 
  • Created for those comfortable with feathers and meandering.

NEW ~ Hooked On Feathers DVD 19.99

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Get the No. 1 best loved Non-Backtracking Method No-Marked Feathers for machine quilting from beginners to advanced for stand-up and sit-down.

  • Download patterns and Certificate of Achievement PDF. 
  • Learn a unique no-mark technique. 
  • Create feathers better unmarked. 
  • Turn corners effortlessly without drafting. 
  • Get the feather used by beginners to advanced machine quilters. 
  • Use in borders, sashings, blocks & fills.

How to Free Motion Hooked on Feathers DVD Tutorial by Sally Terry Professional Machine Quilting and Classes

Put a Hooked on Feather Initial on your next quilt top or pillow.

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See how-to stitch the techniques so you can see it, hear it, and follow along in the book. Quilt feathers on your next quilt, no matter what level of skill you are. Perfect for beginners. You'll be amazed at the layouts you will come up with while you are watching the video so be sure to grab paper and pencil for ideas to use on your next quilt!

“Great class. I am amazed that I can do what she shows us. Practical uses, easy transfer of technique for various kinds of quilts, borders, sashing, blocks, etc. Thanks!”

“Hi; I took “Hooked on Feathers” at Innovations with you recently. I have been drawing these. Today was the first time I tried a sample and even bad feathers are incredibly pretty. I am hooked! I adored your class.”

NEW ~ Chandelier Feathers DVD 19.99

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Creates it's own spine for intricate

FREE MOTION FEATHERS without marking.

Review: “Good feather class! Taught how to build on feathers and not be afraid using different types of feathers! GREAT!!!"

"Wow! Can't wait to go home and let the feathers fly—or swing or swirl! Thank you Sally!" 

  • Use the feather that creates luscious open puffy & dense areas at the same time. 
  • Use the feather that you can create and design as you GO - no marking. 
  • Stays AMAZINGLY consistent without marking. 
  • Perfect for beginners to advanced. 

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Save 35% when you get the Free Motion Freedom Package for both Long Arm and Domestic Machines.


  • Feather designs and pattern variations of all feather types.
  • Dozens of Close-up Video Techniques and How-To's.
  • Watch on any device, desk top, laptop, tablet, smartphone
  • and practice any time from anywhere for hands-on learning.
  • Downloadable patterns and tips.
  • Ask questions and get answers in our virtual classroom.

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Learn 4 feather styles: Traditional, Heirloom, Hooked on Feathers, Chandelier and NEW Carousel Feather Fill