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Be sure to join our party of crazy excited machine quilters who just love to get their projects done fast. >>>

Make the most of your Terry Twist Rulers and Stencil Sets!

Great background grid you can use...2", 3", 4" stencil or rulers.

Be sure to fill out the form so we can send you updates on this new 133 Page Terry Twist Design Guide Handbook and become a member of our Load It and Go Society. If you are already a member of the Load It And Go Society you will not need to fill out the form and will automatically get updates on our NEW Terry Twist Design Guide Handbook....as you may have guessed, we are very excited about it.

Check out the Terry Twist Rulers and Stencils by clickity clicking here.


Sadly :( American Quilters Society is no longer publishing books. There is currently a limited supply of Pathways to Better Quilting Book, Hooked on Feathers Book and Pathways From Quilt Top To Quilting, all currently in limited quantities at our ClassyStashy Etsy Store.
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Free Motion Machine Quilting Books by Sally Terry Professional Machine Quilter and Classes Published by AQS


You have heard Sally say this in every class since 2002. It is still my wish for your today as you start your machine quilting journey.

" ♥ You can do this, you already have the ability, you have it within you, it is just my job to help you find it within yourself. It is my mission to create original patterns, techniques and designs while building the mistakes in for you so you never have to be perfect but your results are. ♥ "

Thanks for sharing a part of your day with us, hope we can help :)   XXXOOO Sally